Updated: May 16, 2018

No More Line Cutting!

Jupiter, Florida, USA – Innovative thinking of how to make fishing easier remains paramount at RIGRAP. After taking on the challenge of coming up with a way to make a simple sinker slide easier to use, and after many months of countless design concepts, RIGRAP did it and came up with a new patent pending sinker slide that is sure to change the product segment forever.

The challenge - how to design and produce a sinker slide that anglers have grown accustom to but make it so it can be applied and removed without having to cut a line. …A slide that is compact, affordable and most importantly functional; easy to use and offered at the same or at a better price point as current slides. Sinker slides aren’t what one might consider an item at the forefront of terminal tackle, but considering there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sinker slides purchased and used every year, distributors and retailers might want to take notice of this significant new product achievement.

Many have tried, but no one has come up with a way to make a sinker slide easier to use matched with being similar in configuration and affordability…until now. RIGRAP took a traditional sinker slide and asked the question “how do you create a sinker slide that doesn’t require an angler to cut and retie their line each time they want to apply, use and remove a slide?” Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not so fast. Add making the sinker slide an affordable one piece removable device that can be easily installed, securely utilized and conveniently removed from virtually any fishing line and the challenge becomes far more complex.

Just like RIGRAP has done for rig storage, they have come up with a simple, yet extremely functional and affordable sinker slide that can be added to virtually any type of fishing line quick and easy without having to cut and retie.

Appropriately branded as the “EZ Sinker Slide”, RIGRAP is about to change the sinker slide market segment with what has to be one of the most innovative and useful terminal tackle products to come along in a while.

“Simply put, we did it,” stated company owner and product inventor Glen Oberacker.

After many months and countless concepts and contraptions, RIGRAP did it and did it big. Sinker slides will never be the same. Within a single molded durable nylon slide, anglers can weave their line into the interior of the slide then snap it up into the slide channel with little risk of the slide coming off. Because of the nylon construction, the slide is super durable and can hold sinkers weighing up to several pounds without a problem. To top it off, unlike others that offer their slides with only 3, 4 or 5 per package at a range of prices, RIGRAP is offering their highly innovative slides 6 to a package (24 per case) with a MSRP of $3.99 and due to demand, offering a bulk pack of 48 (12 per case) with a MSRP of $29.99.

“The bulk pack came about from the suggestion of our many followers on social media. When EZ Slide was announced, 60%+ of our followers asked that we make available a bulk pack and we did. That same group of thousands suggested by a margin of over 2 to 1 that the duo-lock snap included be a #7, not a #5 or #6, so we followed the consumers demand and are including a #7 duo-lock stainless steel snap,”said Oberacker.

Anglers around the globe continue discovering how easy it is to spend their time fishing, not rigging with RIGRAP rig storage products. Distributors and retailers need to take notice and quickly capitalize on this new innovation. There is little question, the new RIGRAP EZ Sinker Slide will be the go to slide by anglers from now on and those that don’t carry it are bound to lose sales to those that do.

For more information about RIGRAP, look them up online at www.rigrap.com or by calling 1.561.200.5958. For information about becoming a RIGRAP distributor or dealer, email your inquiry to sales@rigrap.com


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After many months of work, RIGRAP has updated its website www.rigrap.com

"Our objective with our new site is to made it easier for our site visitors interested in RIGRAP products, news & events, product developments etc., a place they can enjoy and discover just how effective and useful our entire line of RIGRAP products can be". Stated RIGRAP company owner Glen Oberacker

The new RIGRAP website allows for better access to product information, dealer access, customer shopping , and easier communication with RIGRAP along with our team members and fellow anglers.

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