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Like many weekends here in South Florida, I went fishing with a good buddy of mine. As we headed out for what we hoped would be a great day of fishing, I asked my friend where the rigs were that I had pre-tied and neatly stored a week earlier. He handed me his tackle bag and said “I think they’re in here.” When I opened the bag it looked like a bomb went off in it and there were all the rigs I had previously made all tangled up…a real mess - come on, really?!

I was in no mood to tie up a bunch of new rigs, so as we were heading miles out into the Atlantic, I patiently started untangling this impossible clump of tangled rigs. As I was slowly making progress, I kept thinking to myself “there has to be a better way…” Yeah, I know what you’re          thinking, I thought about all the other contraptions available... baggies, pool noodles, binders, yo-yos, etc that have made their way into our tackle boxes over the years - but frankly, I wasn't impressed with any of them and believe me, I tried them all.


Then, the proverbial “Ah Ha” moment! I jumped up and told my buddy "I got it, I know how to fix this!" I spent the rest of the day and long into the early hours of the next morning conceptualizing what I knew had to be very simple, universal, economical, compact, and easy to use rig holder.                                                                                         

Spending almost 24 hours straight at my computer designing and in the early morning hours of  the next day, RIGRAP was born!

From day one, how we can create new products or refine current products in the market to be better, more functional, more effective and more economical has been our company's philosophy.  


From our humble beginning of creating the first RIGRAP, we have added to the RIGRAP line of rig and lure storage solutions.  We've added storage accessories, unique and effective tools like our CERAMAX Super Cutters and Bite Lite. And most recently we have redefined the sinker slide market segment with our EZ Sinker Slides.


Our goal is to always strive to be the company every angler can trust to turn to for unique, time saving and innovative products. So please join our mailing list and stay informed. We have many new fantastic ideas and products you'll soon see! 

Thank you one and all for your support!


RIGRAP Owner/Product Inventor

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