You arrive at your favorite fishing spot – you and your buddies or family are eager to get in the water and land that next big fish. Everyone on board is busy making up their rigs, but not you. From your pocket, you pull a pre-tied rig neatly stored tangle free in a RIGRAP and you’re in the water in seconds. By that time, everyone else is ready for their first cast, you’re likely to be already reeling in your first catch. That’s why RIGRAPs are so useful.


RIGRAP’s offer sizes from conveniently small to offshore extra-large. No matter what you fish for or where you fish – freshwater, saltwater, inshore or offshore RIGRAP will get you on the bite faster and always keep you tangle free. With RIGRAP tackle management has been redefined. Bass fishermen use it for their drop-shots, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs, jigs and even pre-tied crank baits. Walleye anglers enjoy RIGRAP for their harness rigs. Big game saltwater anglers like RIGRAP for their live bait rigs – and the list goes on.


No matter the rig, RIGRAP will redefine your tackle management and allow you to enjoy more of your time on the water. There are 100’s of rig storage uses for RIGRAP. Whatever you fish for, RIGRAP has a storage solution that will get you on the bite faster and keep you on the bite longer. So come on – Fish more. Catch more. Stay tangle free with RIGRAP!

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Fish More.
Catch More.
Stay Tangle Free.

With RIGRAP you can pre-tie all your fishing rigs in the comfort of your home and store them tangle free and ready for your next big catch. Now you can spend your time on the water fishing – not wasting your time rigging. With RIGRAP you are on the bite faster, longer and always tangle free!


  • Nothing compares to your product. I plan on buying more as the fishing season approaches and telling my fishing buddies about your product. Keep up the good work.

    Jimmy P.
  • You have a great product. Finally a good way to store leaders.

    Bob J.
  • This morning I loaded up my rigs in my new RIGRAPs and I just love these things!

    Jerry S.
  • Great way to store complex rigs. Makes it easy to set up the night before and spend more of the day fishing.

    Andy B.
  • I was tired of fighting with untangling all my perch and crappie rigs in my ice fishing and other tackle boxes. I like to pack pretty light and I have to tell you, this may be the best investment I have made for my tackle bag in a long time.

    Chuck S.
  • Found a package of these on sale at Wal-Mart and I figured I would give them a shot. Well, I came to find out that these were exactly what I needed for organizing my Sabiki rigs and I am disappointed I did not find them sooner! The yellow RIGRAPs were just the right size, and the package included 4. Very simple concept, yet very effective.

    Chris H.
  • Exactly what I wanted and expected. I easily wrapped 20 feet 50LB weight trolling leaders that have snap swivels on both ends. I bought 12 of these and they worked flawlessly. Just as important as the ease of wrapping, is the ease of unwrapping 20 feet of the leader without tangles. I fully expect to purchase more of the larger sizes for my larger trolling lures and thicker leaders. Well done RIGRAP!

    Tony P.
  • These are awesome! I picked some up at last year. They are great for Carolina rigs and drop rigs.

    Tony O.
  • If you have not tried these, you need to! They are a must for keeping leaders, crankbaits etc., stowed away. Tie up some leaders and store – when they are needed instead of making them up while fishing you have them ready to go. I have about 20 on board and loaded all the time!

    Jason E.
  • Great way to have your pre-tied rigs stored, tangle free and ready to go.

    David M.

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RIGRAP’s are great for storing any rig or leader tangle free. To start, simply place your hook or bait in the center storage area, then passing the leader through any of the spool slots wrap your leader around the slotted spool.


Now that you have your hook or bait stored and spooled, simply close the cover lid and latch it to secure your rig. Once closed and latched, your rig is completely secure and will remain tangle free and ready to get you on the bite faster and easier while always keeping you tangle free.


For those that use saltwater rigs, you know how quickly they can rot away. With RIGRAP’s rinse ports, you can now rinse your rigs and baits keeping your equipment ready for your next big catch.


RIGRAP’s are easy to store in your tackle bag or tackle box, or in any number of RIGRAP’s unique storage accessories or even throw a few in your pocket. Break off and in seconds, not minutes you’re back in the water enjoying your time fishing, not rigging.

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There’s Nothing In The World That Will Get You On The Bite Faster Or Keep You On The Bite Longer. Spend Your Time On The Water Fishing, Not Rigging!

RIGRAP Valued Pro Staff Team

RIGRAP-RHowell closeup Image
Randy Howell (Bass Pro)2104 Bassmaster Classic World Champion/Bassmaster Elite Tournament Pro

Randy Howell is the 2014 Bassmaster Classic World Champion. In his nearly 20 year career he has amassed over $2 million dollars in career earnings. With three BASS victories and an FLW victory and over 40 top ten finishes Randy Howell is among the very best in professional bass fishing. For more information on Randy Howell please visit his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Dan Dannenmueller (Crappie Pro)Tournament Pro Angler

Lifelong Professional Fisherman and organizer with an immeasurable zeal for the Outdoors. Tournament and event organizer and promoter Decorated retired Military Veteran who has fished all around the U.S. and overseas while serving his country.

Frank Risk (Redfish Pro)Tournament Pro Angler

Frank Risk is a Florida native that has grown up around and on the water. I was born in Coral Gables, but have spent most of my life in Jacksonville Florida.

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